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Default Re: Girl drummers

Originally Posted by mikel View Post
Probably because a lot of hits are from people not interested in the rhythmic prowess of the subject. Human nature, I suppose.
Music as a vehicle rather than music just for its own sake. Utility or art? Dancing or meditation? Background or listening? Thrills 'n' spills or depth?

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Ha, yes, but notice my "Vintage porn" thread hasn't attracted as many responses or views as this thread :)
The way we're going it may become the most viewed page in Drummwerworld history.

Remember when I titled one of my postings GIRL DRUMMER!! as satire and someone came in late and chided me for it? lol

Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
... then hot male drummer vids would get their fair share of hits as well.
I'd recommend Benny Greb tutorials :)


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