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Default Re: Welcome to Sydney

I read this thread & it makes me want to shake up these killjoy wankers even more than usual. Although there's still enough reasonable "pub" gigs in our immediate & wider area, there's a distinct lack of club/medium size venues, although that's more to do with general commercial/trend considerations than anything else.

Where our local government really gets it's nickers in a twist is with respect to festivals & general outdoor public gigs. Not only are the H&S wombles a total PITA, but the council itself seems to be totally enjoyment averse. Contrast that with a neighbouring council that actively encourages & backs free town music festivals/events, & it shows just what can be achieved if people concentrate on enjoying their time on this rock rather than keeping the NIMBYs happy for vote purposes. Our neighbouring council has also fully embraced the local business boost angle to being event proactive too. Even if I was to suspect their motives, local businesses doing good trade pay more taxes, & visitors put money into local council coffers too.

Wake up politicians! By being entertainment averse, you're actually only pandering to the ever diminishing pool of blue rinse do gooding crumbling gits who regard a wake as the pinnacle of their social calendar.
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