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[quote=Anon La Ply;1051818]Yep Steve, "jk" = "joke" ... pretty well equivalent to a wink but without the potentially lascivious overtones ;-) ;-)

No doubt there's novelty value in being a woman drummer - if you're young and gorgeous and play really well (Emanuelle, Meytal). It's even a novelty for me! I don't see a lot of women play either since I don't play in front of a mirror (even though over a year ago Brent suggested I do that when I practice for more effective sessions lol)

That's just how things are in this society where sex is dirty and violence is family entertainment. Let's face it, you don't see marketers trying to sell cars by draping semi naked men over them, do you? 'Tis a shame ...[/QUOa

True, but if draping semi-naked men over cars worked you can bet your life the marketing types would use it. Sadly, using female models must sell cars or they would not waste the money.

On the "Girl Drummers" question posted. He had to mention the gender or the question would have been pointless. It would appear there are a lot of people who want to see "Girl" drummers on youtube who would not be interested if they were merely labeled "Drummer". Probably because a lot of hits are from people not interested in the rhythmic prowess of the subject. Human nature, I suppose.
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