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Default Re: Welcome to Sydney

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Please connect the dots for someone who is on the opposite side of the globe. You know, this-causes-that-which-causes-this. I infer there is a law prohibiting music at venues above or below a certain size.
Sorry. Basically the clubs and pubs lobby is very powerful and they don't want to competition for their large franchises so they have lobbies the government very hard, especially the Liberal (like Republican) Party which is in power in NSW and enjoys generous donations from pubs and clubs.

When Labor was in power an Independent somehow got a bill through allowing for cafe-type establishments to get liquor licenses and that opened up a small gigs circuit. It was a surprise, given that pubs and clubs have Labor links too.

Now the dead hand of power is coming down to make sure Sydney society remains a convenient shade of grey.

Federally the clubs lobby group - with help from the Libs and the Murdoch press - managed to prevent laws limiting the amount people could put in poker machines. Pity, any law that reduces the power of pokies is good for live music, not even counting the lives that would be improved.


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