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Default Re: Welcome to Sydney

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
As many of you know, I've often talked about the way Sydney's live music scene was decimated by changes to the licensing laws to allow hotels to have poker machines.

Not long ago the licensing laws were changed in another way to allow small cafe-like bars (cafes couldn't get alcohol licenses beforehand because Hotels and Clubs lobby group is very powerful in NSW. A small scene of low volume music was starting to spring up in these establishments. My band has been shaping an acoustic set to see if we could land a few of those gigs.

Just saw this letter in the news:
As the recipient of this country's highest government honour for music, the Don Banks Music Award (2010), and someone who lives in Potts Point and programs live music in the area ... I am appalled at the decision to restrict small bars to 60 patrons ("Small bars will now be limited to 60 people", 19 September).

Small bars have proven to be the backbone of intelligent live music in this area and by reducing patronage the government has effectively wiped them from the stage. They cannot afford to pay musicians based on this new limitation.

The Hospitality Minister, George Souris, is ill-informed and has effectively killed live music.

Warren Fahey Potts Point
Please connect the dots for someone who is on the opposite side of the globe. You know, this-causes-that-which-causes-this. I infer there is a law prohibiting music at venues above or below a certain size.
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