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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I agree with you. But we're talking about an "auditory" experience rather than a visual one. If I put on a record and the music is good, then why should anyone care if it was a male or a female drummer? The music is good. If it's not good, then it still shouldn't matter what the gender is, right?
Totally agree, in an auditory sense "hot chick drummer" is unlikely to have as many people switching a radio dial to give it a listen on that basis alone.

However, youtube is more than putting on a record or CD. The very nature of youtube is visual (hell, we could argue the very nature of popular music in this day in age is visual. Thanks to MTV, it would appear that a band or artist is only as good as their accompanying video) :-)

But "hot chick drummer" is gonna spark a lot more interest than "drummer"......pretty much why the tactic is used in the first place.
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