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Originally Posted by JasperGTR View Post
I'm on the fence...

On one hand, I love that there are members of the lesser gender (j/k) with the ability AND interest to play the drums as well as some do.

On the other hand - it seems weird that they play as well as, or inferior to, other male drummers, but get notoriety simply because of their gender.

It's the way the world turns.
Lesser gender? you really believe that?I've worked with female cops that will kick your butt down the block,everyday and twice on Sundays.

I've trained female shooters,in both archery and firearms who will beat most if not all male challengers.

The truth is because of the fact that the're female,most males still think that the're superior to women.That's what they get so many hits.You just want to see what they first of all look like.The playing is usually secondary.

The're plenty of really good female drummers out there,they're just more men doing it that women,so it just seems like some of them are not as talented.

The're also more that enough male drummers on youtube who couldn't find a 4/4 if you gave them a map,and told em' where to start.

Steve B
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