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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

(September 28th)

I've scored 4 (cracked/'repaired') cymbals off Ebay recently - they arrived yesterday.
On one cymbal I'm even unaware of the exact model. (Initially the seller had 4 separate auctions running. I made him an offer for all 4 of 'em so he cancelled the auctions and put up a bundled buy-it-now auction which I snatched right away.) So we have (L to R, top to bottom)...

1 Sabian AA Stage Crash 16''
1 Sabian HH Thin Crash 16''
1 Sabian HHX Evolution Crash 16'' (Dave Weckl signature series)
1 Zildjian Avedis Crash Ride 18''

It's obvious those were decent cymbals but now as they are they're more of effect sounds, some sound a bit china-like and most of them have significantly less sustain with the cutouts which the previous owner did. So I decided to mod them into bells right away and not waste time experimenting with splash versions or whatever.

When I was doing the markings I noticed that it took me way longer to do this as usual, I don't know why. And when it came to cutting them it felt like I was doing this for the very first time, like as if I had completely unlearned how to do it. Strange... But rough sanding the edges (which did take some time) was ok and in fact the rough sanding was so good that I needed very little reworking of the edges with the handfiles. I completed the remaining work in the late evening. Briefly checked the sound - all of 'em sound sweet. The smallest one fits exactly into one existing 'diatonic family' and even adds a chromatic note, haha. Haven't checked out where the other bells fit in but they're pretty spread in terms of pitch.

Another pecularity: On the bottom of that Evolution crash there's a signature. I might be completely wrong but it reads like "Dave Weckl". I've dropped the seller an e-mail to find out whose signature it is, haven't gotten a reply yet. Anyway, the signature was wiped off during the polishing so if it _was_ Dave's signature - I'll keep this in mind, haha. Have taken a detail pic of that signature though, just in case.


(September 29th)

Took some more pics of the finished bells (this time - sunny daylight) and some pics which might be plain stupid but I thought I'd do something else than every time, haha. Had to wait for those damn fish to appear at the right spot and then my cheapo camera needed a split second to shoot the pic so damn, I was too late... Thought it would be funny to have a pic with the bells lined up next to some fishing paraphernalia of my dad (BTW, he doesn't fish in our pond, haha).

(Please apologize for not ligning up the pics with the respective description - I simply don't know how to do this. So... first text, then pics.)

(Pic 1 / merged pics) Here's the pics I shot yesterday before doing the modding - as usual, top and bottom view.
As you can see there weren't too many alternatives to bell modification. Several of those cymbals are rather thin so they're wobbling around a lot with those flexed out rim areas. And that Avedis crash had some remaining crack even after that O-zone style mod so adding more holes wouldn't solve the problem. Plus I don't wanted to reduce them to splashes (additional cutting work) just to find that they don't really deliver, so -> bell mod.

(Pic 2 / merged pics) Here's the after pics, after cutting the bells and rough sanding the edges with the sanding machine (no polishing yet). Pics were done in the late afternoon, with poor daylight.

(Pic 3 / merged pics) Here's those stupid pics from today.
(Pic at the top/left corner is from yesterday though - for comparison.)

(Pic 4) Here's that mystic signature... is it Dave's? ;-)
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