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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
A new medical study examined the long-term effects of Monsanto's Roundup herbicide and Roundup-resistant GMO corn and has found that rats exposed to even the smallest amounts of Roundup, developed mammary tumors and severe liver and kidney damage as early as four months in males and seven months for females, Linda reported. She spoke with Stacy Malkan, a GMO specialist who is working for the passage of Proposition 37 in California, which would make it mandatory to label genetically engineered fish, crops and foods, and to clearly separate them in supermarkets and grocery stores from foods that are not genetically engineered. More.

Excellent point to take away: Don't eat herbicides!

OMG, I can't believe you are quoting Coast to Coast AM. This is the biggest site of conspiracy theorists and nuts ever.
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