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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Originally Posted by Naigewron View Post
Yeah, I will fully admit that I was purely speaking purely in terms of GM crops being harmful or not, and the lack of presented evidence. I was not taking into account the sort of "real world" issues that you're mentioning. As with most things, this becomes an extremely complicated issue once it moves into real world scenarios, so I didn't even want to get into that side of things (since I have nowhere near enough knowledge about it to discuss it).
The real world issues are valid. While GMOs may not be harmful to eat, what are they doing to help the hungry eat? Is it a good idea to let so few corporations control world food supply? Could they interfere with natural pollination? There's not a lot of money in feeding starving people, but there is more money to be made in feeding well-fed people, so that's what the corporations focus on.

The problems are starvation are social and political, not technological. I think we had the technology to wipe out hunger 100 years ago.
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