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Default Re: Genetically modified food

I'm glad we can have a quasi-political discussion here that's level headed and reasonable without getting too worked up with rhetoric and nonsensical claims. Go us.

To the topic at hand. It does upset me that a few powerful individuals are taking advantage of mankind's oldest industry. Agriculture is too important for our survival as a species to be corrupted by big business. That story about Monsanto suing the neighboring farmer because of cross pollination makes me not want to live on this plant anymore. Seriously, grow up.

However, I'd like to point out that we've been eating genetically modified plants and animals for decades via selective breeding. Seedless fruit is the most obvious example. But chickens are bred to lay bigger eggs and grow bigger; strawberry are bred to grow bigger; roses are bred to have specific color patterns, size, and for the strength of their small; lobsters.. tomatoes.. crab.. garlic.... Lord knows what we've done with the cow population... What Monsanto and other guys have started doing is just a more sophisticated version of that. Same result, different technique.

I'm choosing not to be afraid of GM food. Billions of people have eaten/ingested way worse and were possibly more successful and lived happier, fuller lives than I will. I just don't want to worry about it. Anyone who lived through the 60s-70s can probably attest that that time was pretty much a world wide chemistry experiment on the majority of the population, haha. Our bodies are more resilient then we think they are sometimes.

Maybe I'm the "ignorant is bliss" route on this issue, but food is food. Whether you go out to eat at Olive Garden or Taco Bell, you are eating food from an unknown source all the time. Rather than being fearful of it, I'll just embrace it and taste.

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