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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
Pffft. There is no (reliable) evidence anywhere of any kind that GMOs are in any way harmful. It's all just Internet rumor. Is that redundant?

What's next - vaccines cause retardation? Smoke detectors are government spying devices?

What we know, we don't believe and what we don't know, we believe.

Right,and smoking ciragettes along with using asbestos in building materials wasn't unhealthy....till it was.

The corporations who made these things had to be forced into putting warning labels on their products.Their own internal memos disclosed the fact that they KNEW their products were hazadrous,and in some cases deadly.

These facts were disclosed in many Federal,and state Supreme courts over the last 30 years.These weren't internet rumors.

If in FACT,there is no harm in consuming GMO,why not label the food for just what it is,and let the comsumer decide,and not the corporation,just who eats their food.

I for one want to know what I'm eating,and that decision is up to ME,rumor or not.Label the friggin food,period

Steve B
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