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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Originally Posted by Naigewron View Post

What is your source here?

Here's a quick google search, plenty of stuff to read. GM wheat is fairly new to the world diet, historically speaking. Isn't it curious that gluten intolerance is on the rise all of a sudden? It just wasn't an issue a decade ago. GM wheat has more gluten, among other "improvements". It used to be a 4 foot tall plant, now wheat is about 2 feet tall with a larger seed head. And they are not shipping it to feed the hungry, those people are still starving.

There are a lot of issues out there, but this one...Unless I live off the land, I am forced to be their guinea pigs. That upsets me to no end. I have no idea what foods they are messing with because they don't have to disclose anything. If that isn't upsetting, I don't know what is. All I want to do is to raise awareness. A lot of people just don't know what they are doing to their food. I find it hard to be apathetic on this issue.
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