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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Originally Posted by Naigewron View Post
Yeah, I will fully admit that I was purely speaking purely in terms of GM crops being harmful or not, and the lack of presented evidence. I was not taking into account the sort of "real world" issues that you're mentioning. As with most things, this becomes an extremely complicated issue once it moves into real world scenarios, so I didn't even want to get into that side of things (since I have nowhere near enough knowledge about it to discuss it).
Quite correct. They simply haven't been around long enough for a conclusion to be drawn, so any evidence, irrespective of source, is more informed probability conjecture than reliable fact. What bugs me is the utter lack of importance attached to the release of such a radical change of pace & potential mutation into the eco system. If we were talking about a new drug, then the duty of care/monitoring/testing & regulation protocols are pretty tight. In the US, the FDA would be crawling all over it. To me, it's lamentable that the US authorities are happy to use their general population as lab rats. Danger or no resultant danger, it's the bastardised principals that irk.

In the UK, there have been some limited GM crop trials. I've no issue with testing stuff out that may have benefits, but it needs time, & lots of it. These trial areas were significantly detached/screened from adjacent fields due to the PROVEN issues surrounding both physical transfer & wind bourn contamination.
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