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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
I'm with you on your general thrust here. Indeed, some of my earlier post echos yours, but I will offer one indisputable truth about GM crops, & that's the danger that cross pollination on a large enough scale will all but eradicate non GM crops, therefore diminishing the potential for backtracking if things don't work out well. The USA has already passed this tipping point in some crop categories.

Of course, all that is music to the big producer's ears (excuse the corn pun), as it tightens their control of the seed source. A farmer can't produce his own seeds from crops already grown from licensed GM seed, & there lies the issue for me - control of a staple element necessary for life itself. Would you allow water to be licensed? I know that's an extreme analogy, but we're getting into the same realm.
Yeah, I will fully admit that I was purely speaking purely in terms of GM crops being harmful or not, and the lack of presented evidence. I was not taking into account the sort of "real world" issues that you're mentioning. As with most things, this becomes an extremely complicated issue once it moves into real world scenarios, so I didn't even want to get into that side of things (since I have nowhere near enough knowledge about it to discuss it).
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