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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Yay, collective paranoia about something 99.9% of people don't understand.

GM doesn't bother me at all as a concept, just like it doesn't bother me that we've ben genetically modifying food since the dawn of farming (through selective breeding, crossbreeding, etc). We're doing it directly on a genetic level now, but it's all still about messing with genes to produce a desired outcome.

If someone has actual evidence (peer reviewed research) that proves that some GM foods are dangerous, by all means present it, and I'll stay away from those foods in the future. However, I'm not buying into internet rumours about a huge and completely undefined range of commonly consumed products.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Notice the rise in gluten free menu's lately? That's because the GM wheat is affecting more people with a propensity towards gluten intolerance.
What is your source here?

I'm not trying to come off as knowing better than anyone else here. I'm not a geneticist or scientist. I'm not making the claim that all GM foods are automatically great; I'm just saying that I trust evidence and science over rumours and paranoia. Every discussion I've seen about these things has always been a bunch of claims without a single source (by which I mean actual scientific sources, not articles on random websites).

There might very well be GM foods out there which are harmful (just like there are loads of natural foods out there that are harmful), but even that doesn't mean that all GM food is bad. Just like anything else, there are thousands and thousands of varieties, made through just as many different methods. There is just absolutely zero chance that they will all be harmful.

OK, this turned into a long post, so I'll just leave it with this: Definitely do your research and definitely cut out anything that you feel suspicious about or that tests have shown to be harmful. Just don't blindly buy into paranoia or conspiracy theories, and please don't help spread them. Make informed opinions, and once you have actual sources to cite you can start spreading those news and have them carry much more weight.

If you want to scare people away from certain foods, how about warning them about the well-documented dangers of things like transfats, corn syrup and processed sugar? How about alcohol? How about the simple fact that almost everyone in the western worlds eats way too much unhealthy food in general? A fatty burger with a bowl of fries and large milkshake can be 100% organic and still clog up your arteries.

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