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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
That said, I do everything in moderation ...

I don't inherently trust businesses to police themselves. That would be naive. But that goes for all kinds of businesses, not just the ones that produce food. Trying to keep track of all of it takes more time than I have.
Agree about moderation. Use and abuse. Alcohol, prescription drugs and over the counter pharmaceuticals, fatty food, sugar, red meat ... all these things are proven to kill you (or at least cause significant harm) if you overdo it, but are fine and dandy if used to best advantage.

I didn't include nicotine in that list because it's so addictive only a very small minority of smokers are capable of using rather than abusing (due to the level of the CYP2A6 enzyme produced by a gene that most people have - and then you get those clowns who make out they're the bees' knees because they quit cold turkey - "It was easy!", but that's another story :)

I like the idea of this:

Whenever you see a major industry that's self regulated you know they're too powerful for the government to touch. Naturally they will put themselves first, while claiming all their measures are win-win.


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