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Default Re: Genetically modified food

I guess "indifferent" is closest, Larry. As I said, I don't know enough to form an opinion but, in principle, I agree with any stance against the level of control multinationals have over governments.

Thing is, we have no real ethical codes in this society so it's survival of the fittest. Religion failed to bring us ethics because it got sidetracked on reproduction and sexual politics.

The rich have the power to get more for themselves and, without ethical constraints, they take the logical course. It's good business, right? Remember how the triple bottom line was all the rage - corporate responsibility to the community? The competitive pressure of globalisation put paid to that.

It's all too big to influence. For decades polls have shown that a vast majority of Australians are fiercely against rapid population growth without adding the infrastructure to handle it, which of course diminishes our lifestyles. Yet each year the numbers increase, the traffic jams get worse, the queues longer, property prices the highest in the world ... yet high immigration numbers have bipartisan support and increased massively under both major parties. It makes the GDP look good and companies love it because it keeps wages down and increases demand, and developers love it because it pushes prices up.

So, in a country of 22 mill the views of, say, 15 mill make no difference. We had a demonstration with a quarter of a million people against the Iraq Things have gone beyond the point where people can make a difference - unless the media wants it to happen and starts campaigns, of course. Little people can only influence little things.



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