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Default Re: Genetically modified food

Yea, they sell it as, Oh it will help feed the poor. Bull s**t. The supermarkets of the US aren't where the poor are. This is evil stuff. I'm hearing bad bad stories about the consumption of GM food. I also read stories about how they are modifying plants to produce their own natural insecticide. Bugs that eat these plants die. And we're supposed to eat this stuff. Natural weeds won't grow around these plants. I heard stories of them using animal genes in plants. That's dangerously insane. I heard a story where a farmer was growing a non GM crop that was near where Monsanto was growing a GM crop. Well the GM crop pollenated the non GM crop, Monsanto snuck into this guys field, took a sample of his crop, tested it, and sued him for patent infringement or some other damn thing. Unbelievable. He couldn't help that. The barn door is open. You can't unring that bell. I really think this is going to have dire consequences in the future. I envy you even more now Andy. Going vegetarian is no solution, if those crops are GM too.
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