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Default Re: Genetically modified food

As fellow Pennsylvania Larrys we're very much kindred spirits. Friggen GMO food and crops are forbidden in many countries. There was almost a war over GMOs in Italy a few years back I recall. No other country's government falls for the line of bullsh*t that Monsanto shovels except the good ol US of A. Politicians are literally bought and sold by Monsantos of the world. They even fight labeling!! Why? If GMOs are so safe like they say? Buying organic also help small family farmers in many cases, so that's where my money goes.

I read that 90% of US grown corn is genetically modified. And that the large majority of that GMO corn goes to feed livestock for meat consumption (why I'm also vegetarian for 20 years going now...). Hmmm...and Monsanto's first sang the praises of GMO seed because they wanted to be like Bob Geldof and "feed the world". Ha. Funny.
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