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Default Re: Genetically modified food

There are valid views both for & against GM food. It's worth bearing in mind that we've (collectively) been modifying all our food through selection for decades, so maybe GM is just a smarter shortcut extension of that. On the other hand, it's messing with stuff on a different level, & it's the unknown element that freaks most (including me) out.

I think the bigger concern is the level of mission creep, monopoly, & ludicrous belief in self regulation. The initial sales pitch on GM was to produce durable crops that could flourish in poor conditions, therefore feeding those typically most needy & exposed to frequent crop failures. That's cool :) Another "benefit" was the reduction of pesticides needed to ensure a good yield. Another cool goal.

Regrettably, although both of these aims are being satisfied to a minor degree, it's actually a massive commercial opportunity. These big companies are controlling the seed supply, so have most food production locked down.

Anyhow, I'm happy I live in a place where GM stuff is forbidden. Not only that, but a substantial portion of my area's food output is fully organic, & relating to meat, free range too. Believe it or not, because we source our food locally, it's actually cheaper than the big store stuff, & a big improvement in quality too.

Now I realise everyone can't live in the middle of nowhere, otherwise nowhere would become somewhere, but there are at least local production lessons to be learnt. I think GM stuff is better placed only where natural species cannot thrive, but I can't imagine that getting past the cash driven lobby system that applies in many countries somehow.
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