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Default Genetically modified food

Scares the crap outta me. The FDA allows multinationals like Monsanto, who are one of the companies that are genetically modifying the food supply, to police themselves! Their stance is, "Oh yea, if you want to experiment with the food supply, on unsuspecting people, hey, we can't see any possible harm in that".

That is insanity. There's not even any labeling requirements. They can give us whatever they want.

The only way I know around it is to hunt the game behind my house and eat the wild vegetation, not really too feasible. You can't grow your own, the seeds you buy are modified. So many things we already consume are already modified, wheat being a prime example. Notice the rise in gluten free menu's lately? That's because the GM wheat is affecting more people with a propensity towards gluten intolerance. My own wife dropped gluten from her diet and she is looking and acting way healthier. I understand Europe is pulling GMO of their shelves. I dearly hope market forces prevail and stops the insanity. I don't know any way around this, as the food supply is managed by only a few companies.

I was curious as to what the international community thinks about this frightening subject. It negatively affects the health of each and every one of us in a major way.
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