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Lost my Dad. Funeral was the saddest day of my life. 15 minutes after seeing my Dad dead for the very first time, I had to greet every person I ever knew it seemed. Man that was overwhelming. My facial recognition software in my head crashed and I was a total mess, but somehow got through it. 5 days prior, I was the last one to see him alive. He was on morphine, and unconscious, but he could still hear and understand me, so they say. I knew this was the last time I would see him alive, so I said my goodbyes. I told him he did real good here, he left a lot of great people, and that we would be OK. I kept telling him how good he did. He needed to hear that. He was a good and decent man. I told him it's time to finish his job here and cross over. When I said that he flinched. 10 hours later, he crossed over.

Gave me a mega ton of appreciation for everyone who I still have. Circle of life. Hug your kids today for me.
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