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Default Re: My brand spanking new Mapex Saturn - Now with 100% more ROCK and 46% more ROLL

GREAT looking kit, I'm sure you'll have fun with it!
Saturn series are really great sounding drums. I like how smoothly the Mapex floor tom leg brackets work.

Nice sizes too. I really like an 18x24.

Black Nickel hardware is pretty sweet on Mapex lugs.

I have to ask (generally) what the heck people are doing to get rod splay on the Ludwig snares?......

I have 10 Ludwig snares (right now), and NONE of them get the rods going in at an angle.

Imperial lugs, tube lugs, bow ties....
I sold a Blackrolite, a 400 and a 402 which didn't have angled rods either.

I play pretty solidly (heavy bands), and I rim shot 90% of the time. I just put a TightScrew rod on them in that lug and no problem, but, a rod going out of tune playing rim shots all the time would happen on any drum without some sort of "help" anyway so...

BB's get a lot of "hype" these days it seems. I started using them well before that, so I haven't really paid any attention to any hype or whatever. I just use my snares 'ya know?
They've never let me down in any way, so that is all I can go by.
People went crazy last year on what they would pay for a 70's B/O badge, I did notice that!

I can see not caring for the P-85. I changed all mine to P-86's. Even though the 85's lately have worked fine, I had a couple in the past be a little sticky.

Have fun with the BP snare when you pick it up, not disputing the Mapex snare is a cool sounding, quality drum.

Again, the new kit looks awesome!
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