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Originally Posted by Scatman
I see your point Johnn. Look at Chambers and Cobham they play fast and groove their butts off
Agreed! I love Dennis Chambers. Great example of an all around drummer. He's blistering fast, he's a showman, a great groove player, great soloist, wonderful time keeper and as he puts all this and more together he can make it work in a musical situation.

Why do people think juswt because some is fast they can't do anything else? Did Buddy Rich's lighting chops really impede his playing? I have been around the WFD, Art Verdi and guys like Tim Waterson for several years now and I can honestly say they have done more through their educational efforts at WFD events to dispelled this type of ignorance than any educator alive today. Even Jim Chapin hangs out at WFD and talks against this type of ignorance.

I enjoyed reading the wonderful article in MD last year about WFD talking about the exact fact of how commited these guys are to breaking down such barriers in thinking. MD praised Art and Tim for their contributions to the educational cause. Before them most did think speed was some kind of BOOGIE MAN that harm humanity. HAHA!

Thank God for Art Verdi.

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