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Default Re: Lost my battle with water :(

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Yes Gary, & here's a picture of me "keeping the costs down" yesterday. Of course, I've got unlimited time on my hands right now, so I might as well be gainfully employed ;) ;) ;) I spent from 6:00AM shovelling & tamping. My back could take no more, so from mid afternoon, I was dumper truck driver, shifting mix from the concrete truck 1/4 of a mile away (that's as close as he could get to our property). 22 tons laid on Tuesday, another 18 tons to lay on Friday (thankfully, not by me), then another 60 ton of gravel next Monday, & we should be finished. Phew!!!!

P.S. Gary, I hope this post finds you well :)
Rommell used less material reinforcing the Atlantic Wall. I had no idea civil engineering was a hobby of yours. Your drive looks like it should be in a royal park somewhere, unless of course it is, your majesty....
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