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There are two drummers who I am aware of that imitate Buddy Rich's drum licks. The first is Donny Osborne, Jr., who actually rehearsed Buddy's band while Buddy himself watched. Donny is the son of the former president of Slingerland Drums.

The second is Dick Cully.

While both of these gentlemen have the licks copied, the true "Buddy Rich" fire is just not in their playing. I understand that neither one of these drummers are young, but neither one of them had the fire in their younger days. Buddy Rich had a unique quality to his playing that made it special - it wasn't just the rhythms he played. Although, I will admit that Dick Cully comes the closest to sounding like Rich.

Donny and Dick are both great drummers to have been able to copy anything Buddy ever did.

Buddy was an original, not a copy.

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