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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by Mrcoffee View Post
evilg99, thanks for the recommendation. I will try EC2s next time, more into Evans because of nicer overall fit and sitting on the tom... had many, many issues with Remos unfortunately...
BTW, love the Fybersky in front of your kit (I know it's Remo :o) I will try one on my Collectors one of these days, for the Jazzie, I'm very satisfied with EQ1... boomy with the thud!
Yes, I know what you're saying about the Remo heads. I have had a few duds over the years, but I roll with it. Pun intended.
I try out a lot of different heads and have just recently put EC2's on my Sonor 3007 maple kit...and they are great there. Tune 'em low. they love it.
Also been trying some Aquarians...Peformance II's = yuck. Waaaaaaaayyyyyy too dead. StudioX on a snare = liked it.....texture coated on a snare, liked it....Superkick - love them.

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