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Default Re: My brand spanking new Mapex Saturn - Now with 100% more ROCK and 46% more ROLL

Originally Posted by abapicaltaenia View Post
So how much did this kit end up costing as opposed to the 6-piece shell packs Mapex sells for around $1600? Looking to buy one myself but if my desire for a 20" bass drum and 15" floor tom will cost me big bucks, I'd rather buy the Birch/Walnut pack and be done with it...
I got it for a very good price, among other things because I've helped the guys at the dealer out with some stuff before.

However, the list price on a custom configuration is definitely a fair bit higher than a pre-configured setup. The list price for my toms and kick are about the same as a Saturn Studioease shellpack, which has one more tom and also comes with a snare.

It was definitely worth it for me though. Taking the step up to a pro kit, I didn't want to compromise on what sizes I wanted.
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