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Default Re: Thought Travis was gonna break the record

Originally Posted by T-1000
Tim Yeung is 'the crazy man', but it's a shame Vital Remains play slightly uninspired speed-assault metal. Nethertheless, Yeung is extremely fast. Does anyone know/can anyone guess how many single strokes with the hands and feet Flo Mournier could do? Also, does Boo ('scary' name) use alternating fingers with his finger bouncing technique?
HAHA! You may have Boo and Art Verdi mixed up. Art's the master of finger technique. Check him out at I worked on his video called 'Practicing Properly' which has become like the bible for all who do WFD. As far as Boo (yes a scary name, he was born on Halloween) I would definately be 'afraid' to speculate on how he uses his fingers. YIKES! HAHA! lol

Check out Art and yea also all the guys that Matt mentioned in your area. (link?) I hope that's right, anyway, it's a great site for all WFD training. There's tons of WFD stuff out there. Lots here at DrummerWorld. NJ has a great site with charts, techniques etc...Oh, also for the WFD-UK stuff is really cool. for the feet. Lots of stuff at just tons of info out there. There's a article of sorts coming out in Wired Magazine this month too on WFD.

Matt, I know I left out lots of other sites, can you add o the above list? What's the link to Nutha's site?

As far as Flo, he's one of those guys that everyone predicts as a top contender for setting or breaking WFD World records. Another guy who has just joined the WFD is Jim Kilpatrick from Scottland. Jim is a 17 time 'World Drumming Champion'. If you are not familiar with Jim kilpatrick please check him out, he's amazing. All are on the edge to know what Jim will do as far as WFD World Records. Don't forget there's also Thomas Lang waiting in the wings. Along with Travis Barker and others.

WFD is totally unpredictable! That's the beauty of it.

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