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Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
... have you listen to all Grea's ambient tracks?
Awesome Henri :) I have the best agent in town and still get less than 100 views haha.

Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
I'm glad you're off the cancer sticks.If you get an urge to smoke again,smoke something really wretched.Thats how I quit.I just kept buying the nastiest stuff I could find,and rationed myself down day by day,till I couldn't bear the thought of lighting up the foul tasting cigs I had.
Nice thought, Steve, but last time I quit and couldn't hold out I picked butts up off the street and rolled them up. I've happily bought the cheap Chinese cigs too. I cracked a bit recently but now I'm pulling back again.

Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
That's pretty cool. I've kinda gotten away from the standard 4/4 money beats too. I go back to them now and then but I can't help putting a little funk into it. My style has elements of a few genres. You should try some hippy music too like Steve Kimock.
That's not a hippie ... THIS is a hippie:

Oops, wrong link, here's the hippies (and I love 'em):

Agree with your gripes, Bon - but if we can't think of anything better then we can't really complain, eh? I'm divorded too ... is there a pattern? :)

Most of the topics are gear-related and my value system doesn't feel comfortable with heavy material consumption (as a hobbyist). The kit that replaces the RT will almost certainly be my last. The hard part in getting a good sound IMO is not acquiring gear, it's working out what heads work best with it, finding suitable tuning, playing the right element of the instrument at the right time and, most importantly, touch and groove.

A great player can make a table sound better than an uncontrolled drummer on a top line kit. Again just my opinion.

Agree, talking to other drummers is great (with my post count I'd look pretty silly if I said otherwise :) ... but I never knew how much fun other drummers were until DW. I was always too unconfident to chat with other drummers at length. Even back then, deep down I knew I was a pretender (ie. not a REAL drummer haha)
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