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Default Re: Welcome to Sydney

I would be willing to support a freeze out of live music,but it would have to be a protracted action,and not a single event,that may get their attention.The same as a labor union going out on strike.Part of the reason that that is done is to also garner public support,which dosen't always work.This would mean,no concerts either.The big money market.You have to go all in or nothing.

Secondly,the numbers would have to suggest that politicians may lose votes when re-election comes around.For a politician,its ALL about votes,and politics.

Lastly,with government and business making cutbacks to survive,the first thing to go is arts and entertainment.Most people don't give a crap about live music anymore.Just look at the music programs in our schools,or more accurately....the lack of.Music is the first thing cut there as well.

I'm not even going to talk about the increasing number of bands and musicians who play for free.I'm not saying to put an end to all free stuff,but it's at a point of being unreasonable.Take a look at the New York City live music scene,and tell me I'm wrong.There was a time where you couldn't walk a few blocks without hearing a live band,getting paid for playing.That just further devalues the art.

Maybe if every single musician on the planet just stopped playing for a week or better still a month,somebody would take notice.Make the public aware that no more live music can become a reality,and computer music may be the only thing left if the current trend continues.Just my 2 cents.;(

Steve B
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