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Default Re: Pop music too loud and all sounds the same

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
But rock is not an offshoot of jazz. Rock is a direct descendant of southern guitar blues.

And jazz stopped being popular music when big bands began dying out and bebop became the new model.
Once pop music always pop music. Symphony and Opera is still pop in my book. Rock is not just the descendant of southern guitar blues. R&B (a type of bigband jazz with a heavier backbeat) is also one of it's direct predecessors as is C&W. Rock is an amalgamation of the pop music of the first half of the 20th century. in terms of song structure it owes a lot to C&W. in terms of rhythm and beat initially it bore much more resemblance to jazz. Listen to the drumming on early rock records. swing beat with snare on 2 and 4 while the guitar and piano hold down straight eighths giving a polyrhythmic feel. eventually things got evened out. straight eighths started holding sway. Also jazz is an offshoot of blues,ragtime, and marching music or was initially. regardless of how these genres are perceived now they all started as music for popular consumption and at their heart remain so.
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