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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Scarily vivid description, Steve. What do you do when it's that bad? Any tips? I'm thinking that being calm would be super important.

Off the cigs, greatly reduced other smoking, exercising vigorously every day, eating less junk food ... and now I'm devoid of creative ideas ... have a feeling my next home recording will be a cross between Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and Walking on Sunshine - bleagh.

Have fun, Larry. Fry from Futurama is a Rush fan ... see 0:25 :)
Remaining calm is the key.I also have a small oxygen tank is need be.Warm liquids and steam also open up airways.Luckily,it's only happend a couple of times.My lung capacity is actually measureably better than it was a year ago.Exercise and walking also helps,as well as abdominal breathing.

I know asthma attacks can be scary,especially for children.As a former boy scout leader,we had a few kids who were asthmatic.When one of them had an attack,they became frightened out of their witts,so after using the rescue inhaler,calming them down was stopping the attack.

I'm glad you're off the cancer sticks.If you get an urge to smoke again,smoke something really wretched.Thats how I quit.I just kept buying the nastiest stuff I could find,and rationed myself down day by day,till I couldn't bear the thought of lighting up the foul tasting cigs I had.All the luck and will in the world.Cheers.:)

Steve B
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