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Originally Posted by zarrdoss View Post
I have been watching your videos and have to say you look like your playing in fast motion even though I know its normal speed. Do you ever get tendinitis in your elbows, knees or anywhere else? or hell does your feet ever just fly off? lol. Anyway just wondering what kinds of physical problems you have experienced playing at such break-neck speeds? Love your drumming BTW
thanks man...

Playing extreme music might give you some injuries here and there, i guess that differs from drummer to drummer. Some minor problems i had was in my legs (different places each time) until i promised myself to stretch every time before the show.....that was it.....

There are 2 things you HAVE to do for your body, especially if you are a drummer:
-Drink a lot of water

Do yourself a favour and -no matter what music you play- make sure you follow these 2 things as much as you can!
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