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Default Re: Welcome to Sydney

Originally Posted by dmacc View Post
Again, like you say Grea - affects me none since I bailed on notion of trying any meaningful gig work years ago. But it's the people who really, really have the abilities and have no way to hone their craft.
I'd say there'd be fewer opportunities for those staring out. Maybe they'll hone their craft in other ways - doing YouTubes or something. Where there's a will there's a way. I think Robert Fripp was onto something when he said in the future there will be more "small intelligent units" ... they require less space and have fewer mouths to feed.

Have to admit I gave up on the scene personally - any scene - a long time ago. What turned me off is how hard it became to find a band that's not playing tra-la-la happy happy friendly music or blow your frickin head off music or I can play scales forever music. So conservative.

Something exotic and interesting and beautiful ... if anyone local knows of bands playing around the traps like that, you can make an old lady very happy :)


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