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Default Re: Marimba music? (classical/orchestral percussionists please)

Originally Posted by surrenderdorothy View Post
I am a junior percussion performance student and need to perform an "upper division jury" - basically a rite of passage before working on recital rep. I have to select pieces for snare, timpani, two mallets, four mallets, and multi-percussion. I am specifically inquiring about mallet pieces, especially four-mallet. Have any of you had to perform a jury such as this? What are some pieces at a proper difficulty level for a junior in college? Thanks for any tips!
That's what your percussion professor is for. If your university doesn't have one, your private instructor or advisor should have the answer. If that's no help, then ask somebody who will be on the jury what a good piece would be. The answer is in your own world, within your own reach. What some people might consider a "junior piece", others might consider a "freshman-level" piece, so take any advice you receive from people who went to different schools with a grain of salt.

...with that said, when I was in college, I "leveled up" to junior status with Suite Popular Brasileira by Ney Rosauro (all 3 movements) and the prelude to Bach's 3rd Cello Suite.
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