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Originally Posted by tamadrm View Post
The only way to describe it is ...take a deep without clearing your lungs,try to take another deep breath.You can't.Even with a rescue inhaler it's still difficult.

I would hate to see this happen to either one of you,hell I would hate to see it happen to anybody.We play a very physical instrument,and as lung capacity decreases,so will your time behind the kit.And forget about any mattress dancing.:)
Scarily vivid description, Steve. What do you do when it's that bad? Any tips? I'm thinking that being calm would be super important.

Off the cigs, greatly reduced other smoking, exercising vigorously every day, eating less junk food ... and now I'm devoid of creative ideas ... have a feeling my next home recording will be a cross between Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and Walking on Sunshine - bleagh.

Have fun, Larry. Fry from Futurama is a Rush fan ... see 0:25 :)
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