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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Tell me about it. The asthma I got from the mould or whatever toxins are in this place (no doubt exacerbated by smoking and stress) has knocked me around. I literally spend hours every day devoted to coughing up mucous. It's killing me.

Now that I've replaced the rotting parts and gotten the ceiling cleaned I will hopefully have the mould protection people out here this week. I've used enough tea tree oil to heal 1000 elephants and I can still smell that musty, dirty smell when I get up in the morning after the house has been closed up all night.
Just a little insentive for you and Jules Pol.I have COPD and breathing at times is rough.I know asthma attacks can be scary too,but on hot and humid days,my breathing truly suffers.The only way to describe it is ...take a deep without clearing your lungs,try to take another deep breath.You can't.Even with a rescue inhaler it's still difficult.

I would hate to see this happen to either one of you,hell I would hate to see it happen to anybody.We play a very physical instrument,and as lung capacity decreases,so will your time behind the kit.And forget about any mattress dancing.:)Cheers

Steve B
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