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Originally Posted by Midnite Zephyr View Post
Make sure you're getting plenty of Vitamin C whilst detoxing. I mean a lot. You should Google its effects on respiratory health.
Good idea, Bon. Currently 1000mg morning & night, plus whatever's in my multivitamin tab, juices etc.

I heard a fair bit about Vit C when my sister shifted to Vit C treatment for cancer but she was too far gone for that, sadly. Before she died she told me of the benefits of mega doses of Vit C, not all in excess of daily needs ends up as waste (less than is often touted). Probably should try doubling my intake and adding a mid afternoon dose.

Still, I think it's pretty safe to say that when anything is touted as beneficial ... be it a wonder drug, super food, financial dealings etc ... the claims will be overstated. Overstatement is an interesting thing ... saw a Dan Gilbert TED talk about the brain and apparently people always overestimate the impact of benefits and setbacks. Seems like marketing is hard wired in human beings, at least until we evolve more accurate predictive functions.
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