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Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post when an American e-friend said that Aussies tend to shorten words to one syllable and add -ee to the end. He nailed it, although we sometimes add -o too.
Funny. I remember a Canadian backpacker that lived with me for a while also noticed that while we do shorten everything that's remotely long (i.e. Johnson becomes Johnno, Simpson becomes Simmo, McDonald becomes Macca, Vegemite becomes Vegie etc etc)......we also lengthen anything that's remotely short (i.e. White become Whitey, Black becomes Blacky). So pretty much, no matter what we do.....there's your "ee"....or "o".

No doubt Aussies are a strange lot Pol. Although it could always be worse.......we could be Yanks. Perish the thought!! :-)

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Pocket, good on you for hanging in there ... if a dedicated hedonist like you can do it then I should at least have a shot!
Ah, but a hedonist I've always been and a hedonist I remain. There's only so much "clean living" that I'm prepared to adhere to. So that said, next time I'm in Syd, we'll be sure to figure out that bloody :-)
What's the best cape for running away from a gig?
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