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Default Re: playing for free - amanda palmer - are you serious?

Her background is a street musician,so her perspective is" I don't want to get rich making music".So,she'll sleep on a fans couch,and willingly go on tour with a band that dosen't get paid,and pass the hat.She's done so in the past,and thinks this is the best way to "display" her art.She says that she makes sure her band is fed and has lodgeing via her fans.

That seems to be a little hit or miss to me.That's not how you make a living as a musician.How can you raise a family,have a stable relationship and provide a stable enviornment on such a tenuous existance?I guess if that's not what you care about,then it's not important.A little narcissistic if you ask me.

If you're all by yourself,I guess that's fine.But sooner or later responsibility(I know,the word some of us hate) rears it's ugly head.,and you have to think about health insurance,pension,paying the bills and the rest of life after music.

Steve B
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