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Default Re: What's your other passion(s)?

Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post
I love my cars and my driving, even slow, terrible handling cars are a laugh for me. For a few years I spent plenty of cash modifying my s15. It makes 330hp at the wheels at 20psi of boost and I think it's one of the best shapes out there. I realized cars are a rich mans game but I still have and love the thing. I now live in the city but I can't bring myself to sell it. Here I am on the skid pan a few years back.

One day when the time is right, I want to do track days or drift or rally or something.
Nissan USA screwed the pooch on this one. They finally decide to bring over the 180sx, but they threw a truck motor in it and rebadged it as the 240sx. Then the same with the US version of the S14. I've got one (Zenki) and decided to keep the KA24DE and turbo'd the snot out of it. It is a torque monster. Then, right when things start getting good and the sexy S15 rolls onto showrooms across the world, we got...nothing. The S15 has eluded me for years, but one day I will find an import and have it regulated. I'll park it next to the FD3S.
Good driving by the way.
The hamster gets the gig.
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