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Default Re: playing for free - amanda palmer - are you serious?

If she is playing free that's different. But if she is making big coin, then I thinks its cheap and tawdry lol.
The logistics...what do they do, send a guy out to the next city beforehand to audition players? The local horn players, in each city, how could they do it cold without a rehearsal? Reading the charts, right? How would the band know that whoever the local guys are can handle it? They hwould ave to rehearse them I would think. If they are on tour, how would they fit rehearsals in? They have to screen auditionees somehow. She can't just trust a guy with a trumpet to go up there cold and play with no prior contact. The whole thing just sounds frought with problems. What about security? IDK, I can't see any good reason to do this, except cheapness. Some local "musician" should shank her and stop this practice before it gets too widespread lol. I don't really mean that.
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