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Default Re: bell sound samples (from DIY bells)

So here are some pics of the bell holders which I finally made. First I made 2, noticed a few things I could change, learned from my mistakes, decided to make another 2. I went for 10 cm pole spacing instead of 9.5 cm as planned initially.

Bell holders #1-2 are different in that I cut the holes (first drilled them, of course, going from small to larger drills, up to 6.5 mm to prepare for cutting the threads in M8 size) through the entire bar depth of 16mm. Thus, the poles can be screwed in to the full depth of the bar. But those threads have slight play and I also relied on the drilling jig I used to be perpendicular - it wasn't ;-)

So on bell holders #3-4 I went for better cosmetics (adjusted the jig to get better angles) and also decided to only drill/cut the middle hole through the entire bar material depth. The middle hole (thread) has to be there to mount the holder onto a cymbal stand with an M8 thread on top. Alternatively I could get some clamps so in this case no M8 threads are needed on the bottom side to mount the holder. As the other holes aren't drilled/cut through, the pole pieces can be screwed into the bar till a tight fit.

Assembly: Screwing the poles into the bar, putting the ducts onto them (for cosmetics, but also to provide a basis to put those M8 washers on top of them, then the bottom felts, bells, top felts, wingnuts - that's it. For now I only have regular M8 washers but want to get some with larger outer diameter so they would hold the felts better, just in case.

As you can see I don't have enough felts for all those bells. The stacked bells can be used alternatively but make a good match within the bell range on the specific holder. I've grouped bells into 'families' on 3 holders, 2 holders have bells in continuous diatonic scales! Not knowing exactly which felts I'll use on those holders, I decided to not cut the rubber hose into cymbal sleeves yet.

That holder to the left of the hihat and of course the one on the snare are holders #3 and 4.
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