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Default Re: playing for free - amanda palmer - are you serious?

i hope he doesn't mind me quoting him here but this is what tommy igoe said about this:

''Well said everyone.
We've all done a few gigs for peanuts because we believe in the statement but this is a tour after a 7 digit kickstarter begathon.
Miss cello is being preyed upon shes just too naive to know. ''

i think you are somewhat right john, maybe some of these folks are just fans. but cello is a serious instrument that takes dedication and practice. and with over a million invested in the tour 35 000 is a pitance. now that was the cost with bus and hotels. takes these off and pay the local musos 100 for a gig and the number drops very low. surely they could have budgeted 5000 out of 1 200 000 to pay the locals.

of course, i never even heard of amanda until now so ... this has been great albeit negative publicity for her.
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