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Default Re: playing for free - amanda palmer - are you serious?

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
As a pro, I get compensated for my work. Such a one-night-for-free arrangement would normally not appeal to me (although I could name many exceptions!) But let's say that I just toyed on an instrument, for fun, and don't do any paying gigs. If I was offered a spot in a low-budget gig as non-essential stage dressing that gets to make some musical sounds, should I become indignant and demand money?

Based on the article, that's all that's going on here. Pros aren't being asked to devalue themselves or other pros.

Sorry, but I have a unique knowledge of why this stuff is done. Sometimes that's a curse. But if we're going to share knowledge, all perspectives need to be brought up.

Much of the outrage is not asking pros to work for free, but her claim she can't afford to pay a band when she raised $1.2 million dollars through kick start.

Ms. Palmer also said that she could not afford to pay the extra musicians she requests, a string quartet and three or four sax and brass players. The cost, she said, would be around $35,000 for all the tour dates.

The tour began on Monday in Philadelphia, and the band played Webster Hall in New York on Tuesday. Some three dozen dates are listed on the Web site. Tuesday was also the release date for Ms. Palmer’s new album, “Theater Is Evil,” which was paid for by a Kickstarter campaign that raised an enormous sum, $1.2 million.
She asked her fans for upfront money, got $1.2 million, but won't use any of it to support her own tour.

I think the real question is: Is she playing for free? Are the shows for free?
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