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Default Re: playing for free - amanda palmer - are you serious?

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
i get that john, but it creates a precedant and a slippery slope.

and yes. i understand not wanting to carry personell but at least pay the locals for their time. beer and hugs is insulting.

That's the thing, it's not a precedent that affects us as pros, or probably anyone we know. Palmer's behavior is more conceptually outrageous than it is in reality. No drummers, guitarists, keyboardists, vocalists, crew personnel, or professional players are being harmed or denied work, at least not from what I can determine from the article.

You have to understand the fans' perspective, it's a cool opportunity for them. Not an opportunity as players who might garner future work for their effort.... it's a safe bet that they won't. But as fans, they get to be close to the artist they like. Are these fans professional players? Not likely. But if one or two are, and they think it's cool to give an afternoon and evening to the artist, then that's their business, not ours. It's not as if Palmer is assembling a free band every night. It's horn and string players.

If this were being asked of pros who are an essential part of the performance, such as the band... then it's time to put out foot down. I sorta get why people are riled up, but this doesn't involve musicians. It's about fans who can play a horn or stringed instrument (I doubt that means a guitar, bass or piano in this case.)

Or, let's put it this way. Suppose you were in a touring band, and fans or contest winners or whatever in each city got to be part of the show somehow. Not as part of the band, but in some other manner of performance. And then let's say that the outraged permanent tour personnel thought this was unfair and insisted that the artist pay for those people in each town, or even bring people on the road as salaried employees. And then because if the extra expense, the band's salaries had to be adjusted. Is that better? Would you still insist on that arrangement in the name of fairness? Or should the artist just eat that, and make it up in record sales?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....I said record sales..... I kill me!

Or maybe, label support will cover those extra salaries.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA....I'll be here all week!!

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