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Default Re: playing for free - amanda palmer - are you serious?

Well, a quick read of the story reveals one important thing: she's extending the invitation to join her onstage to her fans who happen to play, and not to the professional music community. It's not a band, and doesn't involve traveling or any commitment beyond one show. And while the concept of exploitation is there, the payoff for the fan is that they get to appear with an artist they like. So, they're happy, don't feel used, get to meet and take pictures with the artist, and probably get fed as well.

From her point of view, carrying those players on the tour is costly. People don't think about it, but there's more to carrying extra players than just their salaries. There's extra per diems, extra hotels, and expanded transportation accommodations for those people.

I'm not defending her, but I understand what's involved carrying permanent personnel vs using local people. Most bands have a wise mix of both (I'm referring to the crew in this instance, but it extends to other personnel and in some cases, performers.) In terms of her using fans who play instruments, I don't see how that hurts anyone who's willing. Unfortunately, it just sounds cheap in the end. But if it was your $35k, and involved a part of the performance that could be satisfactorily covered by different local fans instead of hired players, you'd understand this move.


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