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DED, you just reminded me that I need a new simbell ... the band is working on a cafe set (for the cafe set) and I want a single, all purpose cymbal for loungey music - even quieter than the band's usual style. So the symball needs to be pretty low volume - not too thick, not too bright and not too washy. My 20" Zild ride is too loud and my 19" Sabian is too thick and clangy. I have an old Meinl 17" crash that would be good if its tone wasn't so dull. Any ideas?

News Flash! I just did something I thought I'd never do - I joined a gym today. A Torture Master will assess me on Mon afternoon and decide on a suitable punishment regimen for me.

A gym is very not "me" but I have to bite the bullet ... if you don't use it, you lose it ... you can't let the grass grow under your feet ... a stitch in time saves nine ... [insert extra cliches here ________________________]
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